who we are

VITA CAPITAL SA is a Luxembourg-based company specialized in advisory services and securitization of financial and non-financial assets, particularly debt securities, active in European financial markets as a securitization platform for a variety of alternative investments, both for institutional and professional investors and for private investors.

The company’s main activity is the creation and management of investment vehicles, collective and non-collective, specially designed for the following types of clients:

  • Institutional Investors (Banks, Investment Companies, Management Companies, Insurance Companies and Pension Funds)
  • Professional investors (foundations, independent advisors, family offices, financial advisors, trust specialists, global wealth managers, and private SMEs)
  • Private investors (HNWI – High Net Worth Individuals)

The company is an independent structure that operates on its own and at the same time aims to manage all types of securitization companies or funds, as well as provide any structured financial services and advice.
Our independence allows flexibility, agile decision-making processes and the ability to cooperate with a wide network of partners.

Extensive experience in the domestic and international investment fund industry enables our team of professional advisors to provide high-end assistance and advice, portfolio implementation, management and infrastructure support.

The partners and management possess prestigious qualifications and solid background in investment management, in-depth knowledge of the industry, investment companies, such as (metals bank, 115, 106, 130, funds), and proven experience in leadership positions.
VITA CAPITAL SA offers domestic and international investors a high level of transparency and flexibility, professional liquidity management, and significant experience in managing portfolios and underlying funds.


VITA CAPITAL SA’s team, thanks to its experience in the field and multidisciplinary subject matter, is able to offer comprehensive advice focused on every company’s specific needs.